Sunday, January 23, 2011

Work of Art

Wayne White
Art is the most striking feature in one's life, I guess. However, each of us have our own opinions of art. Some people just like the colors of a painting, while the others focus on the colors' meanings.

Modern art, the art that doesn't focus around Jesus' crucifixion only, not that I have a problem with it, is innovative and progressive. It's hard to find artists that have their own unique styles- a style that's not copied.
Well I've found four new artists who have their own unique style. Each one has innovative artwork and is predominantly unique.
Celine Meyrat

Celine Meyrat, a Swiss artist, simplifies the objects that she paints, and this helps more on focusing and thinking her main point of her paintings.

Richard Pearse
Richard Pearse, uses mainly wood, and reveals highly colorful, and very brilliant artwork. I especially liked the work in which he used words.

Devin Cuthbertson, a young artist who has appeared in the Interview magazine with his art, uses abstract mainly to reveal his emotions.  I especially liked his 5th work in the Interview Magazine's website. He gave the emotion in his painting very impressively.
Wayne White

Wayne White, again a very unique style. He uses words, as a major part of his work. The words are so well absorbed in his paintings, they are as live as the figures or the landscaping he paints. Very unique work.

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