Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Dreams

Junya Watanabe-Sartorialist
Isn't it strange how the integration of two very irrelevant pieces look good? In many cases, the integration doesn't work in real life. In imaginary situations they work out just fine, like mermaids where beauty and exoticism are blent together, or like centaurs where wisdom of men and the speed of horses create a successful harmony.
But in real life, it really doesn't work out like that. When you combine wings and mammals you get the ugliest bird/mammal, the bat. Or in fashion, think of the hideous combination of skirts and pants.
Junya Watanabe, an innovative and distinctive Japanese designer, in his newest launch, has integrated chunky nordic sweaters and blazers, and came up with an amazingly unique piece. The nordic print on the blazer, and it continuing as a straight line on the sleeves, made it both look good, and warm.
This is the first successful real-life combination, and the best fashion piece I've ever seen.
Seems like it's gonna be pretty hip.
I'll make sure to follow Junya Watanabe more.
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