Monday, March 7, 2011

The Friendly Sound

Taken from Lemaitre's twitter page
Though I love electronic music, its rising popularity has increased electronic songs in quantity but reduced them in quality.  The first time one of my friends told me to listen to these guys, I wasn't expecting anything new or different, but as soon as I listened to The Friendly Sound, which is now my favorite song, I was relieved to discover a fresh, hip and high quality music.
Even now after listening to it for maybe a 100 times, I still get the goosebumps during the ecstatic beat. The beat alone itself is enough to make it my favorite song, but it combine with the simple and striking lyrics and the male vocal's naturalness, makes it even better.
Their other singles are also equally better which I've listened to very recently.  If you like one of them, you should probably like the others because they are very similar to each other but give entirely different sensations. Check out Primeval Atom, Unclouded Judgement and definitely 1:18.
They have released an EP in December and it's available on both Amazon and iTunes. You can also download some of their songs from their Soundcloud page.
Keep up the good music Lemaitre.
Keep following.

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