Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're My Latest, Greatest Inspiration

Watching a lot of TV shows makes you a little aware of what's original, what's commercial and what's worth watching. Having seen many of the same-story-different-detail shows made me choose shows from a wide pond, because whatever I watched was the same with others.  However, yesterday one of my friends recommended me How to Make it in America. While not expecting an interesting TV show, I started watching it.
Turns out I was wrong, and stupid to
be so prejudiced. Starring Ben Greenberg, Victor Rasuk and even Kid Cudi, How to Make it in America is produced by Mark Wahlberg, the greatest producer of all time who created Entourage. It would be stupid to expect a bad production by Mark Wahlberg in the first place, that's right. But this is very on top of what I've expected.
Roughly, the show is about Ben, an FIT drop out, and his best friend Cam trying to be rich in New York, the most inspiring city. However, after failing a few times on their projects they lose their hopes, but Ben, who has designed t-shirts in high-school, comes up with an idea. They will produce high-class jeans, and sell them.
The show is about everything you come across in your own life actually. It covers the American dream, family drama, girls, sex, alcohol, New York City party scenes, working, friendship and of course denim. The show basically teaches not to lose hope, trying hard, and is a very good inspiration for people who try to reach their dreams. It points out starting your own business is hard, but certain opportunities come up in life, and being successful isn't that difficult, if you do your work.
You can come across to John Varvatos, Barney's New York and many other names, places while watching, which makes the show even more realistic.
It's a 2010 production, and the second season is expected to air soon. So try to finish the first season while you still have the time to catch up. (You can buy it from How To Make It In America, and from How to Make It in America [Blu-ray])
I'm telling you it made my self confidence top itself, made me feel like everything I touch will transform into gold.
It has inspired me big time.
You should watch it.
Keep following.
How to Make it in America

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